Since 1964, Microsonic has been providing the finest custom earmolds, molded protective plugs and specialty molds for the most discriminating hearing health professionals.

Earmolds themselves have not changed much in the last 50 years – but the reasons for buying custom earmolds have.

Everyone is “plugged in” to today’s technology – so we make custom earbuds for premium sound quality that doesn’t interfere with safety. And, in accordance with hearing conservation programs, we offer custom-made earmolds for passive and active hearing protection.

Microsonic has revolutionized the manufacturing process to bring you unsurpassed accuracy, consistency and quicker turnaround times. New product customization is the future business and Microsonic can help you achieve success through our expertise.

To celebrate our 50 years we will be launching something new every month!

December Special

Glitter Spectacular!

$3.00 off all earmolds and hearing protection that request Glitter!

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November Special

During the flu season keeping your loved ones safe is OUR top priority.

PerfectDry Lux® UV-C disinfects and dehumidifies your hearing aids safely.Using UV-C is emitted at 253.7nm which allows you to kill 99% if micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, germs) The PerfectDry Lux design uses a 360 UV-C light emission and special polishing aluminum inner lining to disinfect your entire hearing device. With its superior design PerfectDry Lux out performs regular dryers in global hearing health markets. This makes it the perfect fit for your hearing systems.

October Special

October is National Protect Your Hearing Month.

All hearing protection using code #October will be 10% off. Check out our limited Halloween colors: Candy Corn and Halloween Confetti.

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August/September Special

Get Ready for School Special! $2.00 off for school molds. This special is valid from now through October 1st. Use code #backtoschool.

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July Special

“I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives, I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him”
– Abraham Lincoln

During the month of July we are celebrating our American patriotism. All custom products that request the colors RED, WHITE and BLUE will have a 10% discount. Show off your American Pride!

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June Special

Microsonic promotes a hygiene regiment for a healthy lifestyle with SafeTouch™

SafeTouch™ products keep hearing devices Clean & Dry also help preventing ear infections.

Wide range of SafeTouch™ cleaning products is proven to be effective on bacteria and fungi while providing optimum pH balance for the skin.

SafeTouch™ EZ-Gel™ helps hearing aid users to prevent irritation and rash, eases insertion & removal, and provides proper acoustical seal.

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May Special

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

We are giving a 10% discount off Hearing Protection for Kids. Use code #protect on your order form when you place the order to get your discount.

April Special

With 50 years in the business we are offering our valued customers the opportunity to purchase a digital impression scanner at a price everyone can afford.

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March Special

Microsonic M2000 earmolds are now coated with medical grade MicroGlaze lacquer. The MicroGlaze formulation eases the earmold insertion and provides a better seal.

February Special

All impressions that are sent to Microsonic are now scanned at no extra charge to the customer. Scanned impressions give Microsonic the ability to produce accurate replicas of current molds that were previously manufactured.

January Special

We kicked off our 50th year

giving away a set of complimentary earmolds to our loyal customers!


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