Are you a Curative or a Preventative?

Select A or B as it “resonates” with you:

A. You don’t own a helmet, but you own a bike, or a motorcycle, or a skate board.
B. Multi-vitamins are part of your everyday ritual.

A. Turn up the bass and blast those headphones to drown out the jackhammer.
B. You have a First Aid kit and jumper cables in your car.

A. Those are your YOLO stickers on the chainsaw
B. Yes, that is sunscreen in your beach bag.

A. Never had a yearly physical and can’t remember your doctor’s name.
B. You own a pair of goggles and ear plugs and keep them handy.

A. You don’t own an umbrella.
B. Your gas tank is never less than half full.

Now count how many A’s or B’s you have circled. This will determine which statement you identify with.

If you circled mostly “A” statements, you are a Curative. This means you generally head into a situation and see what happens, you leave things up to fate and deal with them when you have to. “Live in the moment” and “No Fear” are your mottos and those around you need tranquilizers when you regale them with your stories of near-death experiences. Hearing Aids and tattoo removal were made for you, you will need them earlier in life than your peers. We love your sense of adventure and truth be told, you are our most entertaining and fun customer, we just wish you had taken better care of your hearing.

If you see yourself in the “B” statements, chances are, we have met already because you are a Preventative and you have been using hearing protection since your first rock concert (we won’t say your age, but you did own JBL speakers in your VW van). The Weather Channel is your favorite channel and you own several Go-bags. We can depend on you to take care of your hearing and everyone else’s for that matter, you are teaching the next generation to turn down those earbuds, they will thank you later, even for taking away the cell phone at night. You have fun with prevention and are the reason why we make colorful ear protection, you rock the vigilance!

It’s never too late to be a Preventative, you can stave off further hearing damage by simply using hearing protection. Life can throw many changes at you, but you don’t have to let it effect how you hear the warnings…


This is a purely non scientific test, and only for entertainment and common sense purposes, go live your life, have fun, eat dessert first.


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