Custom Earmold Styles

Earmold Styles
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About Our Earmolds

Custom earmolds are an essential component of any hearing aid device seeking to obtain 100% acoustic performance. But selecting the optimum earmold configuration can be challenging. The following information is intended to help with the appropriate selection of earmold style and acoustic options. Please refer to Microsonic Custom Earmold Manual for further reading and for information on available materials.


Occluding earmolds are recommended for most severe to profound hearing loss patients and for all power BTE hearing aid users. Although some earmold styles are recommended by default for certain types of hearing loss, keep in mind that every case is different.

Non-occluding earmolds feature a small outside diameter canal portion that allows amplified sound to pass around the earmold, as well as through the tubing. They offer the patient a more pleasing sound by providing an “overlay” of amplification to supplement natural hearing.

Non-occluded earmolds are also recommended for patients who have chronic drainage problems, since non-occluded earmolds promote aeration of the ear canal.

Custom Earmolds