AuD Ordering Tips

ordering from Microsonic

Here Are a few tips

Always keep original order number

Please reference the original order number when ordering duplicates and remakes. We save 3D ear-scans for 5 years.

Always include

1. The previous order number (and/or guarantee);
2. The reason for the remake;
3. Specify areas for adjustments.

Order Status Inquiries: Have your order form handy

All orders are tracked by order number, so please have your order form handy.

Duplicating an Order

Please reference your original order number when ordering.

Include Order Form with ear Impressions

When mailing ear impressions, please keep the Pink copy for your records. Include both the White and Yellow copies in the impression box.

Send a Complete Ear Impression

Be sure the ear impressions include a deep canal [to the 2nd bend], a helix curl, and are devoid of significant bubbles and gaps.

Ear Impressions for Hearing Protection

If you are ordering our LifePlugs™ or PULSE™ musician earplugs, ear impressions should be PAST the second bend.

we design earmolds for all hearing aid receivers

Simply include the receiver specifications in your order, or send us the receiver.

We custom-fit almost anything

Earbuds, communication ear pieces, hearing aids, cochlear. Have a unique product? Send us the device and we'll custom design a sleeve for it.

contact phone number

Always include a contact phone number. We may need to discuss your order.

No Logos on

PULSE™ musician earplugs; LifePlugs™; skeletons & canals; earmolds with handles, stripes, or polk-a-dots.

Floating swim plugs  

Clear-tint and Glitters are not available.

Fill out all order forms completely

Missing information will always delay your order.

Please include PO#

If a PO# is required, include this number on the order form.

To Receive Medicare / Medicaid Pricing

Every Medicare/Medicaid order must include a member number to receive special pricing. Whether placing an order online or submitting a paper order form, please include this number.

Custom Earmolds by Microsonic.

Custom Earmolds