Pediatric Earmolds

What an amazing feeling it must be as a Pediatric Audiologist to help children connect with a new world of hearing. You are witnesses to the infectious smiles and laughter of a child’s excitement as they hear sound for the first time.

While Microsonic can’t be there to experience that moment with you, we are the next link in the hearing process for your patients; the manufacture and custom fit of our signature earmolds. 

We want to help you bring excitement and joy to children through our pediatric custom earmolds. The children can select their favorite colors or place an image on their earmold to define who they will be as they explore this new world of sound.

As President of Microsonic, but most importantly a parent, I promise you they will never forget you … and I am determined to help you bless as many children as possible.

Please comment below and tell us what will help you be the best Audiologist you can be for the children you serve every day.

~ Monika


t.rex skull logo

M2000 Silicone  | Red, turquoise, and yellow swirl with T.Rex skull logo.

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Pediatric Friendly Products

Custom Earmolds

Custom bte earmolds

Microsonic offers the industry’s widest selection of BTE custom earmold designs, styles, and colors. We offer a number of different materials and finishings to choose from, and ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship. Our pediatric silicone materials are antibacterial.

Custom Earplugs for Musicians

custom hearing protection

We care about your child’s hearing, that’s why Microsonic’s custom hearing protection line includes pediatric materials. 

Custom Earplugs

swim plugs

Microsonic swim plugs are made from soft silicone and are antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Personalize your custom swim plugs by adding your favorite logo and colors.

Apple AirPods Pro custom tips

custom Earbud sleeves / Tips

We offer custom sleeves for all of the most popular earbuds, increasing the quality of your listening experience and comfort. We also offer a line pediatric earbuds, that limit the volume to a safe level of 85 dB.

Custom Earmold Cleaning Accessories

Pediatric Au.D. supplies & accessories

Microsonic is an industry leader in pediatric audiology supplies. We offer a wide selection of impression materials, tubing, hygiene products, digital scanners, and ear lights … just to name a few items.

Visit the Microsonic Store to view thousands of other products.

Custom Earmolds
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Custom Earmolds

This page will be dedicated to helping you provide the very best quality earmolds and listening experiences for your patients. Be sure to check for updates as we build-out this pediatric section of our website. Our ultimate goal is for you to use this page as a resource. We know how busy your schedules are and want to streamline the ordering process for you by providing everything you need in one place.

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