Custom Earmold Gallery

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Please use the custom earmold gallery below as a guide to the style, color, sparkle, or swirl that you’d like to order.

LOGOS CANNOT be placed on earmolds with STRIPES.

Logos may vary slightly from the illustrations depicted below. This is due to the hand-made nature of our artisan’s process. The size and shape of earmolds will effect the final result. 

Logos are only available on full-shells and cannot be placed on skeleton-style earmolds.


Our custom earmolds are a one-of-a-kind creations, and are as unique as the individual whose wears them. That being said, slight variations may occur. Each earmold is unique.

When selecting colors, please refer to our custom earmold Colors & Styles guides. And don’t forget to view our Special Shapes & Logos gallery.

Mouse-over or click on an image to see it’s reference number. Use this number when ordering.

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