Getting ready for summer band camp usually means packing essentials like crazy sunglasses, dad’s old hat, comfortable shoes, and sunscreen. But something important is missing from this list. Earplugs!

Many articles about “Tips for Marching Band Camp” don’t mention how to protect one of our most valuable possessions… our hearing.

When you’re out on the field marching, it may not seem as if the sound level is too loud. There’s lots of air and open spaces. But the sound may be louder than you think.

Simply turning to face the horn section or crossing paths with the drum-line can change your environment from relative quiet to over 85 or 90 decibels … all in a matter of a few steps! These situations can lead to noise-induced hearing loss… and it only takes a moment for hearing damage to occur!

Dangerously loud environments can range from the band room, to the marching band field; from the bus ride home after a game, to sitting in the stands with screaming fans. And packing earplugs is just the first step; because they only work if they’re in your ears!

Teaching kids to be diligent about using earplugs is not an easy task. Band directors and parents alike must be role models for our young musicians. Make hearing protection a part of your own daily routine. Discuss the dangers of noise-induced hearing loss with your children and teach them how to identify dangerous sound levels. Armed with this knowledge, they’ll know when hearing protection is needed.

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