Hello, my name is A. Scott Bailey. When I was a baby, I lost both of my eardrums. My parents took me to see the famous Dr. Day Who was on staff at eye and ear hospital in Pittsburgh.

There I had minute mastoid operations. But it was not until I was about 14 years of age, that my ears were dry for the very first time in my life.

Then I was able to be fitted with an earmold and hearing aid. When I started working for the United States treasury, 32 years ago… I went to see the president of Microsonic, mr. Major, and later Monika Major because I had surgical years.

It is hard to make an impression of my left ear. Monika used the impression of my ear to make my earmold.

This was very important to me because I was a customer service representative on the phone and in public with the United States Treasury.

I was able to hear well because I had very good earmolds that Microsonic Inc. made for me over the years.

I have over 70% hearing loss in that ear.

I am blessed that Mr. Major, Monika Major, and the staff of Microsonic earmold department care about their work.

I am thankful.