We all try to take the necessary steps to eat healthy foods, exercise, and get enough sleep…right? Our daily lives are filled with suggestions about coconut oil, yoga this and that, plus the daily lecture on sugar. We scour websites that promote good health and search for easy recipes to bolster our energy.

The Holy Grail of the “healthie foodie” is the smoothie.

Nothing is more convenient than a quick smoothie to start the morning. I make my smoothie in the morning with spinach, avocado, coconut milk, and protein powder … so secure in my fine fettle smugness that I got it all covered. I am a “healthie”, hear me blend!

Then one day, as I was doing my due diligence in my wellness morning ritual, I stood back from the vortex-blade-swirling-ultra-smoothies-blender and thought, “How LOUD is this thing?”

Had I been ignoring one of the most important aspects of my health, my hearing?



I pulled out my smart phone decibel meter and let the blender rip… 90 dB … this decibel level is in the danger zone!

Any noise over 84 dB on a consistent basis is a recipe for hearing loss.

I make smoothies on alternating days (consistent) sometimes I “blend” for over a minute at 90dB (danger level) … There you have it, in my search for the Fountain of Youth, I am damaging my hearing.

So I did the research, and there are some tips you can follow to reduce the risk of damage:

1) You can wear ear plugs, easy solution, plus it also blocks any whining from the kids and those overly chipper news anchors on morning TV. Besides, ear gear is a fashion statement.

2) Move the blender away from the wall and cabinets while blending, the less reflective surfaces for the noise, the better.

3) Place the blender on a flat kitchen towel, it helps absorb noise.

4) Shop for a blender that has a low decibel rating (it’s listed on the packaging) . You can do preliminary searches online and find low noise blenders.


If we are to care for ourselves, we must take care of the whole body right? Make use of the preventative measures, and blend that smoothie without the guilt.
Here are some smoothie tips to get those leafy greens and potassium rich foods that are good for your hearing. Blend away!



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