Here’s an interesting statistic, over 35 million people in the US suffer hearing loss of some kind and would benefit from hearing aids. Yet only 3.6 million hearing aids have actually been dispensed.

That’s a huge disparity, and no doubt many reasons for that such as, finances, healthcare, stubbornness (really) and the lack of education about hearing aids and how to find a proper fit.

There are basically two ways to go about choosing your hearing aids and how to fit them.
1) One size fits all hearing aid with a “universal” fit tips to hold them in place, basically a generic approach to a specific problem…and we know how well that works!
2) Custom ear molds that conform to the specific shape of your ear, creating a comfortable clear channel of sound to your ears.

Many people fall into both categories, and then there’s Bob.

Bob tried custom plugs (from a different manufacturer) and they didn’t fit quite right, he couldn’t pin point the problem at first, he just knew that were uncomfortable. Out of frustration, he made the shift to universal tips but they kept moving around and pushing out of his ears…not to mention how it compromised his hearing.

Microsonic heard about Bob’s problem and invited him in to have a proper ear mold impression made and discovered his fitting problem was due to his narrow ear canals, one of which had a collapsed spot.

Microsonic’s President, Monika Major personally took on Bob’s case and started testing different materials on him. Now if you don’t know Monika Major, we can tell you this…she was making earmolds before she could drive a car, it’s a passion of hers, and this is why she is now CEO.

Research and development is key here at Microsonic, and any opportunity to work with a challenge in fitting and materials is a clarion call to our lab!

Monika worked with Bob using a variety of fittings, materials, and styles. Now Bob has a comfortable custom fit earpiece that has increased the efficiency of his hearing aid. In fact, he is hearing frequencies he hasn’t heard for 7 years. are clear and easy to understand. He was so excited about his new ear molds that he also ordered hearing protection for his time at the gun range and working on cars.

Bottom line, don’t give up if you are in that pocket of folks who are hard to fit for hearing aids, check with your audiologist and ask for Microsonic ear molds. We will work with you until you are hearing correctly and in comfort.

Just ask Bob, he’ll hear you, clearly.


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